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Fun With Your Amazon Echo

Do you have an Amazon Echo? Would you like to have a little fun with her? There are some fun little Easter Eggs that have been discovered, read on to learn more! Books: Alexa, what’s in a name? Alexa, Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo? Alexa, to be or not to be Dad Jokes:  Alexa,...


Are you a Windows 10 user and like to see what super secret suprizes are hidden in you settings?  Or just want to play a bit with your computer?  Check out this video I stumbled on today!  The first tip is pretty impressive, never even thought about auto locking your computer!


We’ve all heard that our geek buddy upgraded his computer to an SSD and it’s Soo much faster. Well that’s cool, but what the heck is that? Do I want one? What do I have now? The easy answer is yes you want an SSD over a HDD… but why? Well an HDD or Hard...

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