Bitlocker…Friend or Foe

Have you ever heard of Bitlocker? No? I bet your computer has…that’s right, many Windows based machines have automatically enabled Bitlocker encryption on your computer without your knowledge. For the most part this will never matter to you, but if your computer gets stolen or tampered with, Bitlocker can protect all of your files.
What would make this a bad thing? Simply put, Bitlocker uses a 48 digit password that you don’t create on your own.
Why would Mobile Computer Repair be posting about this? Well, over the past couple weeks we have had 6 computers that this became a big deal. The term “Tampering” includes removing the hard drive to recover data from a failed computer, or a replacement motherboard etc.
Once Bitlocker is activated we cannot do anything with your data unless we can have access to this 48 digit password. Most of the time this can be found in your Microsoft account (yes this is your prompt to go check and see if it is there).
It is possible to turn off Bitlocker, OR if it is not enabled and you want it to be, we can assist with that as well. Give us a call and we would be happy to help.
Let us come to you for all of your computer repair needs.
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