With a long list of satisfied data recovery clients and a strong network of professional IT partners, Mobile Computer Repair (MCR) provides world-class data recovery services. MCR is partnered with a team of data recovery professionals, consisting of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and computer scientists, work in cleanroom workstations and utilize powerful forensic analysis tools and techniques to salvage data from failed storage devices, recover deleted or reformatted data, and restore corrupted data.

MCR Data Recovery offers these services:

  • Hard disk repair in ISO-5 Class 100 cleanroom workstations
  • Data recovery for servers and SAN devices with upwards of 40+ hard disk drives
  • Revolutionary techniques for recovering data from failed flash memory chips, such as those found in USB flash drives, microSD memory cards, and solid-state drives

In our cleanroom, we use platter burnishing technology derived from hard drive manufacturers to clean debris from the surfaces of damaged hard drive platters. The use of our burnishing technology drastically improves our success rate in salvaging data from hard disk drives that have failed and developed scratching and scoring on their disk platters surfaces.

Our ultra-efficient data recovery process and high success rates are due in no small part to the advantage of our in-house, proprietary data recovery software tools. We write our own software, granting us full control of our recovery tools, incredible flexibility, and the ability to handle incredibly complex data recovery situations.