We’ve all heard that our geek buddy upgraded his computer to an SSD and it’s Soo much faster. Well that’s cool, but what the heck is that? Do I want one? What do I have now? The easy answer is yes you want an SSD over a HDD… but why?

Well an HDD or Hard Disk Drive is a mechanical drive, it has spinning disks and your file access speed depends on how fast the drive can spin to the data and get it opened for you.

Alternatively, an SSD or Solid State Drive works much like a flash drive storing data on a microchip. Stored information can now be accessed electronically instead of depending on mechanical speed, granting faster access, which is the ultimate goal right? Who doesn’t wanna go faster? Also, for the laptop users, dropping the mechanical spin up etc required by a HDD, using a SSD saves on your battery usage!

Just today I posted a video on the MCR Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/MobileComputerRepairLLC) that compares the speeds of an HDD and SSD. If you don’t wanna be bothered with the installation and such on the video skip to the 5:20 mark and see for yourself what a difference a SSD can make for your computer!

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